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Hangxing Machinery
To better products, more efficient service, domestic and foreign customers and common development
>>  Vision

There is no eternal Road, the business did not change the law。 We operate HNA Star Road, adhering to the "satisfied that the rivers of the potential。。。

>>  CEO's Note

Dear customers and friends:

How are you! Realizing the values of customers is always the starting point and goal of ...

About Us

Located in Zhangjiagang city (a national hygienic city of China),  enjoys good location and developed transportation: Neighboring to golden waterway of Yangtze River, and taking only 2 hours' ride to Shanghai Deep Water Port and Pudong International Airport, thus we have the good abilities。。。

Contact Us

Add: Hongqi Town, Changyinsha Farm, Zhangjiagang City

P。 C。: 215623

Contact: Jiang Xueping  

Mobile: +86-13915711159

Tel: +86-512-58964711

Fax: +86-512-58964771

E-mail: 1720210377@qq.com

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